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Amish Dog Kennels

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We have a variety of dog kennels for you to choose from. Featuring Amish construction and available in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you're looking for a fully assembled prefab dog kennel or a panelized do-it-yourself kit, we'll build you the kennel that exceeds your expectations.

Preparing the Site for Your New Structure:
Customer is responsible for all site prep and permits. Whatever surface you choose to place your structure on, that surface should extend out approximately 1 foot wider on all sides of the building. Most importantly, be sure you have a level surface area.

There are several ways to prepare your site including the following:

Crushed Stone - We recommend using crushed stone (3/4" clean) approximately 4-5" deep. We also advise that you have 12" of stone around the perimeter of the outbuilding to control weeds and keep moisture away from the building. Before installing the stone, you can either dig out 4" of soil and simply make the stone ground level, or you can make a frame with 4"x4"s or landscape timbers and then fill flush to the top with stone.

Concrete Pad- Another option would be to have a concrete pad installed. If you are going to have a concrete pad installed, remember to keep your pad as close to ground level as possible. We recommend that you make the pad 12’’ wider on each side of the building.

Using crushed stone or a concrete pad will increase the longevity of your building. Having the proper site allows needed air flow, which will keep your structure looking great for years to come!

Permits: If it is necessary to obtain a building permit or cross a neighboring property, it is the buyer’s responsibility to obtain a neighbor’s permission of the necessary permit prior to delivery.

Shipping and Delivery Info:

Our kennels can take anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks to build depending on the season and the build schedule of the shop. Once your kennel is completed, we will then schedule a truck for delivery. If you're located East of the Mississippi, we will ship it via a local trucking service. Your kennel will be delivered on a large trailer and will be hoisted into the final location. If you're west of the Mississippi River, your kennel will be delivered by a freight company and will also be delivered and set in place. The driver will contact you before delivery to arrange for a convenient delivery time.

Contact us for a shipping quote to the West Coast. 

Our driver will need access to the property and be able to maneuver the kennel into position. Any existing fencing, trees, etc will need to be considered before delivery. Here's a video that will give you an idea of the delivery process: