Words of Wisdom - Mutual Success - Corn Fields Words of Wisdom - Mutual Success - Corn Fields

A farmer was interviewed by a local newspaper after winning yet another blue ribbon for his corn at the state fair.  During the interview, the reporter was surprised to learn that the farmer actually shared his corn seed with all of the other farmers in his area.

"Why would you give away your prized seed to the farms competing against you at the fair?"  "Isn't it obvious?" The farmer replied.  "If I want to grow good corn, I have to help my neighbors grow good corn."

The farmer explained the concept of cross pollination to the reporter and how pollen from his corn plants blow onto the fields of his neighbors' farms and vice versa.  His neighbors crop therefore had a serious impact on his own, and it was in his best interest to make sure their crops were of a superior quality.

Sometimes the best way to achieve results you want is by helping others.