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Chicken Coop Options

Many of our chicken coops have optional upgrades such as cedar shakes on the roof, or litter trays. This page will help you decide whether these upgrades are right for you.

These optional upgrades apply to our A-frame coops, Lean-to Coops, Dutch Coops, and our Quaker Coops.


These coops come standard with 5/8 inch pressure-treated plywood flooring. The pressure-treated plywood ensures a long-lasting floor that is safe from rot. We also offer a glassboard floor upgrade. The glassboard floor features a durable and smooth surface that won't rot and is easier to clean than the pressure-treated plywood floor.


We offer three different roof options for this chicken coop. Our standard roof is covered with asphalt shingles. We also offer an optional upgrade to an insulated metal roof. The insulated metal roof is good for areas that get cold and snow. We also offer an upgrade to cedar shakes for the roof.


Runs are cages that attach to your chicken coop. Each of these chicken coops comes with a small chicken door and a chicken ramp. Set your run tight against your coop and extend the chicken ramp from the coop's chicken door to the floor of the run. This allows your chickens to leave the coop and peck around in the sunlight while still protected from predators by a wire cage.

Electrical Options

Our standard kit comes without electrical components installed. Upgrade to the basic package to have a light, switch, and electrical receptacle installed in your coop. Just run an extension cord to your chicken coop to power the electrical components. For colder areas, upgrade to the heated roost (includes the basic package). You can also upgrade to an automatic chicken door which includes a timer and the basic electrical package. The automatic chicken door allows you to set the timer to control the small chicken door.


Predator Grates for Coop Windows

A predator grate is a wire grate that covers the portion of the coop window that opens up. With predator grates installed, you can slide open the coop windows on warm days without fearing that predators will crawl or fly into your coop. Below is a picture of a window with a predator grate installed.

Litter Trays

The litter tray upgrade adds a narrow, horizontal door near the base of the coop and a little tray. Opening this door allows you to pull out the installed litter tray to empty it and hose it off. The litter tray makes it a lot easier to clean your coop. Instead of entering the coop to clean the floor, you'll essentially pull the floor out from the outside. See the pictures below for an example of a cleanout door and litter tray.