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A Beautiful Table and a Gift of a Memory!

Hi Mike, it's 12:30 pm and I had to email! First of all, the table arrived about 3:00 pm today. I was scared to my wit ends when I saw the packaging. My hope was to unpack, assemble and get the table up by the time hubby came home. He's battling cancer and I had hoped I could do most of the work and have him only help with finishing assembly. The crate stunned me. But.. I went at it little by little. Peeling off the cardboard layers, shrink wrap, and strapping. Then I saw the table in there. I was so excited! This big huge package would no longer intimidate me! I pulled down one cardboard side piece and wrestled the top out! Next came the base and fitting pieces. I got all of those things laid on the cardboard and again stared at the massive crate! Not having any power saw skills, I figured I could at least strip it down to only wood. I cut all of the cardboard into small pieces to fit into the recycling bin. I stared again at the massive crate! Rain suddenly came and I had to stop working! I was so bummed. In the meantime I called my construction working brother in-law and asked him if he could help me quickly dispose of the crate. He couldn't, so I pushed it up against the wall so hubby would only see the table first. Upon his arrival home he spotted the table in pieces and was awed by the workmanship! I knew he would be worried about the crate, but seeing the table made him as excited as me! We quickly ate dinner and he wanted to tackle the table right away! But first he wanted to break the crate down!

We got the electric saw out and began breaking down the crate, had it almost in one box and my brother in-law showed up. He put all of the lumber scrapes in his truck and said let's do the table! This was more than I could ask for! I wanted the table up so badly, but my husband is very weak from the cancer and I was just happy for today to have the crate taken apart!

We had a table assembling party with brother in- law doing all of the screwing. My husband was able to work with his youngest brother and we were all amazed at the wonderful craftsmanship! My Brother in-law has been in carpentry for 20 years and he was in so impressed with the details, cuts, and quality! My husband loved the color and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It got dark out but nobody wanted to stop. I brought out a canister light and we worked to finish! By 10 pm it was assembled, on the deck and I was so elated!

I tell you all of this because this very well might be the last project we do together! While I could have had an assembled table delivered from a local vendor, this table project was truly in God's plan! My brother in-law has felt helpless not being able to do much for my husband. I know that he drove away feeling so good about having the productive bonding time, as did I ! Please tell your carpenters they made a beautiful table and a gift of a memory! It brought us together for an evening and made for a everlasting moment! It's perfect!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speeding up the delivery process, having the most wonderful woodworkers, and delivering the table exactly as promised! I treasure each moment I have left with my husband and hopefully we can have many dinners, breakfasts, and quiet moments yet sitting at our table!

I will send a picture when daylight comes! It is absolutely perfect!

Thank you!


Mary B. from Wisonsin
Purchased on 7/28/2012: Amish 4' x 6' Oval Poly Patio Table

Amish Octagon Picnic Table

The picnic table arrived in perfect condition!  The delivery men put it together on my back deck for me and it fits perfectly.  Thank you so much!

Karen K. of Pennsylvania
Ordered on 5/22/2012: Amish Pine Octagon Picnic Table with Built-in Benches

Angela L - Make a Wish®

I thought I would share with you a few photos of the delivered and installed playset. It is just perfect and you can see sweet Branson playing on it. Thank you again for your assistance and kindness during the process.

Bulldozer Playground Set 

Angela L - Make a Wish®

It went great. Zachary loved it and couldn’t wait to get inside and read his books about pirates and treasure maps. The delivery and set up went smooth and everyone was thrilled. I really enjoy working with you all and seeing everyone’s faces when they see your products!

The local newspaper was there and I will send the article once I get a copy as well as some photos. As always thank you for putting the special touches in for our wish kids!

Angela L - Make a Wish®

I am sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but Olivia and the family were beyond happy. I am going out there in a week to see them, as I couldn’t make it on delivery day. I will take photos and send them to you as soon as I get back.

 Grandma called me the next morning and was crying about how much detail and attention to Olivia’s interests were involved. She could not stop telling me how much it meant to them and how amazed they are by your product. I can’t wait to see it myself.

 Thank you for all you did and donated, I will be in touch after I visit. 

Caitlin G.

The building was delivered with no issues yesterday evening! We are absolutely thrilled- it’s beautiful! Thanks again for all your help and having it done in a pinch! As I said, I will definitely be recommending the company! 

All the best, 
Caitlin G. - North Carolina
Can't Wait to Swing in my Poly Plain Back Swing

I love the porch swing's totally matches the accent materials on my house siding. Looks great together!

Can't wait to swing in it!


Lornetta H. from Illinois
Purchased on 7/12/13: Amish 5' Poly Rollback Plain Porch Swing

Family Enjoys the Amish Cape Cod Playhouse!

We continue to enjoy the Cape Cod Playhouse and are so grateful for the superior service given to us. If ever we are in need for products offered by, we would surely chose your company over others.

Best regards,

Denise H. of California
Ordered on 5/15/12: The Cape Cod Amish Made Kids Outdoor Playhouse Kit

Heidi H. - Black Bear Day Camp

WOW! The Pirate Ship is awesome! We all love it. I’m attaching photos in a few emails  (that’s our Camp Director on the ship).  If you need some pictures for marketing I will take more once they clean up the area and finish putting down the wood chips. Let me know!

We’re so happy with everything!
Thanks so much!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kennel!!!!

Good morning!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kennel!!!!  It was delivered yesterday without any mishaps! The driver was extremely nice! I have attached a few photos.

Thank you again for everything!!!! This kennel is going to make my life so much easier. The dogs seem to love it! I will definitely point anyone who is interested in a building/kennel in your direction.


Chestina M. from Virginia
Ordered on 9/30/14 - Customized 32' x 14' Quad Dog Kennel

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